Monday, August 29, 2016

Movie Monday: PETE'S DRAGON & KUBO

I've got two movies for you this Movie Monday, both of them marketed as family films. The first, PETE'S DRAGON is a remake of the 1977 film by the same name.

I remember watching the movie as a child, and loving it. However, I couldn't tell you the plot to save my life! When Paul, who didn't see it as a child, asked me, "was it like the original?" I said yes, because I loved the new movie, too. BUT. I have since found out it is NOT like the original at all. Maybe you have a better memory than me, but, if not, here is a post that talks about the disturbing original plot.

The new movie isn't disturbing at all. It's about believing in magic and things you can't see and family and belongingness with a little environmentalism thrown in. I liked how they kept it set in the 1970s - old cars, old phones, etc... but with some added diversity. And I liked the music, too.

The second movie, KUBO & THE TWO STRINGS is really special. So special, my 16 year old son has seen it twice in the past week. It's a classic hero's journey -- Kubo must find a sword, breastplate and helmet in order to shake a curse. There's a touching relationship between mother and son, lots of cultural interest, a funny monkey, an even funnier Japanese beetle (voiced by Matthew McConaughey), and some nice plot twists. Oh, and there's a deceased warrior father... which might explain my biggest attraction to the movie. It's got some beautiful messages about love and life and our stories. Here are a few I've been able to find... still not THE ONE I sort-of remember... so I guess I gotta see the movie again!

“Down here there are always days worth fighting for.” –Monkey

“When we die, like Kubo’s paper, we shift. The end of one story is merely the beginning of another.” –Beetle

“Your story will never end. It will be told by him and the people he shares it with and the people they share it with and..” –Beetle


  1. Appreciations for this tip about KUBO. Makes me want to see it & find more messages like these. And I'm aboard, about Pete's Dragon. Leaving the theater last week, I had tears. I was mesmerized by it & starry eyed, blogged on it.

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