Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Inspiration at the Birmingham Zoo

I am excited to be visiting Seattle and Mercer Island and Bellingham this week, but I wanted to share with you a fun bit from last week: I got the chance to go with a friend to pop in on another friend who is a keeper at the Birmingham Zoo. She does a lot of work in the Children's Zoo area, training raptors and goats and pigs. Yes, she's a multitalented gal! And she's living her dream of being a zookeeper. Makes me happy!

Here are some pics:
me & Amy & an irritated owl :)

Pat with a giant leaf!

hibiscus (?)
Pat goofing off at the pretend outhouse
in the Children's Zoo

And here is the bear exhibit where I read this poster and got an idea for a book (love when that happens!). I'm not going to tell you MY idea... but maybe it will give YOU an idea, too!

Not pictured: we got to go behind the scenes to watch the river otters being fed! They are active, smart, enthusiastic creatures... when I asked their keeper Elizabeth what was the most rewarding part of her work with them, she said it was their recognition of her, their connection with her. They know who feeds them. :)


  1. Love these pics of you and friends (human and animal) at the zoo! Wondering if you'll talk about this visit with our 6th graders tomorrow. Enjoy the sunny Seattle weather!

  2. How exciting that you got a book idea there! (Scarlet Rose Mallow?)


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