Monday, February 13, 2017

Movie Monday: LION

In our attempt to see as many Oscar-nominated films before the ceremony Feb. 25, we braved the crowds (near 70-degree weather brought everyone out and about, it seemed!) to see LION.

It's the story of Saroo, who gets lost from his family in 1980's India. Much of the film documents his bond with his brother, and then his terrible journey, which ends in him being adopted by a loving couple (mum is played by Nicole Kidman) on the island of Tasmania in Australia.... and then we fast-forward to Saroo as an adult (Dev Patel) becoming obsessed with finding his birth family.

It's such an emotional journey, and so vital, to know where one comes from... and you get that in this film. You also get beautiful cinematography and music.

I was especially touched by the actual footage of the real Saroo and his adoptive mother meeting his birthmother. Also, we find out at the very end how the movie gets its title.

Nope, I'm not going to tell you. Go see the movie!

Next up (I hope!): Moonlight

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  1. In a previous post I asked if you saw, LION, not knowing you had already. :-) I thought it was a tad long but still excellent.


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