Monday, February 20, 2017

Movie Monday: MOONLIGHT

For our last movie before next weekend's Oscar's ceremony, we ventured forth to the only theater (and the only showing that day) of MOONLIGHT -- a sure sign of a movie on it's way out of theaters. (Actually I guess they may have just brought it back due to Oscar noms, because you can already stream it on Amazon.)

Wow, did this movie surprise me! Yes, I'd heard the Oscar buzz. It's earned 8 nominations! And my friend Charles told me how much he'd enjoyed it... I guess when I heard the "coming of age black gay boy in Miami" logline, I just thought I knew what the story would be. And it WAS that story... but it was also more. I wasn't expecting to be so powerfully drawn into these characters and the Miami setting, with its beautiful beaches pressed up against its drug holes.

From a purely visual perspective, there are several really stunning (creative!) moments in the film... and several really emotional-for-me ones as well. I ached for Chiron and appreciated his loneliness and vulnerability and anger at every age. It kind of made me ache for all boys -- the posturing, the competitiveness, the near-constant tests of strength and manhood. I think it's tough to be a boy (gay or straight) in this world... having raised 3 of them, I know it's tough. I wouldn't want to be one; it's hard enough being their mother.

The movie is beautifully acted all around, and while it is not my pick for Best Picture, I definitely see why it was nominated. Go see for yourself! And maybe then watch BOYHOOD ? Lots to learn in both those movies about the experience of growing up boy.

And... speaking of boys... and children... and what marvels we all are... you might like my post that includes music and a great Pablo Casals quote over at Birmingham Cello Project!

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  1. Glad you liked MOONLIGHT. :-) I saw LION on Sunday and I enjoyed it, too. I had some quibbles, would love to get your take on it.


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