Monday, February 6, 2017

Too Many Revisions

One of the best-loved books that survived my childhood and still remains a favorite of mine is TOO MANY KITTENS by Mabel Watts, illustrated by Suzanne. (That's right: "Suzanne," like "Madonna." No last name!)

In the book Carol wants a kitten, so her father puts a "wanted" ad in the paper. The next morning a parade of kittens begin arriving at Carol's door! Too many kittens, her mother tells her she can only have one. So Carol begins giving all the kittens away. Until finally there is just one left: Boots, who looks like he simply wants to stay. And so finally Carol has a kitten all her own.

I thought of this book a few minutes ago when I was reading Bobbi Miller's wonderful post about revision over at Teaching Authors. There is this book I have been working on since 2010. Not only have I done revision after revision, I have drafted version after version! TOO MANY REVISIONS. At least that's the way it feels sometimes.

But I know Boots is waiting for me behind the stove, just like in the book. I'm looking and looking. Someday, if I keep revising, I will find the right story. xo


  1. This makes me smile, Irene! A super lesson, thank you.
    I feel that some day the one kitten-revision will pounce into your world,


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