Tuesday, April 11, 2017

ARTSPEAK! Portraits poem "Promise"

Hello and Happy National Poetry Month! Here it is, day 11 of ARTSPEAK!: Portraits, my National Poetry Month poem-a-day project, during which I am looking, listening with my spirit ear, and asking these subject to share with me their secrets.

But first: be sure to check out Ramona's line of our 2017 Progressive Poem over at Pleasures from the Page. I love how our poem is progressing!

Here are the ARTSPEAK! Portraits poems so far:

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1. "Mona Lisa in Love" after Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

For today's poem I have selected an enchanting subject! Who doesn't love a baby? And what baby doesn't love rhyme? Here's what this little girl said to me:

- after “Portrait of a Little Italian Girl” by Maria KrØyer
Mama says
I must sit
  for a bit
  a little bitty bit

and if I
don't throw a fit
  not even
  a little bitty fit

we will get
  in the garden
  to dig for a bit

and to watch
  the butterflies flit.

- Irene Latham


  1. Oh so cute, and she's mesmerized sitting still, remembering that promise. I recently took the girls to have their silhouettes made as a surprise for their parents and wondered if Imi (5) could sit still enough for him. But they both sat so still, so seriously, just like this little girl. It was a delight to see them, and to see this man create with his tiny scissors. Love this, Irene.

  2. I remember sitting for a portrait when I was 12. It's easier to sit still at that age. This poem has a definite child's voice in it, for a bit.

  3. Wonderful reward for sitting for a bit! I love the serious expression on her face. Maybe she's thinking about those butterflies!

  4. So sweet! I want to hug this sweetie...and the rhythm. Like Linda, I had our children's silhouettes done and more recently, portraits. There is something about sitting for an artist, something magical. This word-portrait made me want to reach in and touch her. :) x


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