Sunday, April 30, 2017

ARTSPEAK! Portraits poem "Wild Horse"

Hello and welcome to the final day (!) of ARTSPEAK! Portraits, my 2017 National Poetry Month poem-a-day project, during which I am looking, listening with my spirit ear, and asking these subject to share with me their secrets. 

It's also the final day of our Progressive Poem! Be sure to check in with Laura at Writing the World for Kids to read the poem in is entirety. We need a title, friends! Anyone?

And now, here are the ARTSPEAK! Portraits poems so far:

29. "Girl and Dog" after Girl with a Dog by Pierre Auguste Renoir
28. "Sun and Moon" after The Laughing Boy by Robert Henri
27. "Weather Report" after Self-Portrait 1923 by Abraham Angel
26. "The Way You Look at Me" after Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer
25. "Gratitude" after Tahitian Woman's Head by Paul Gaugin
24. "The Postman in Spring" after Portrait of the Postman Joseph Roulin, April 1888 by Vincent van Gogh
23. "Dark the Day" after Little Dutch Girl by Robert Henri
22. "Tiger" after Tiger by Hwang Jong-ha
21. "Self-Portrait as a Painter" after Self-Portrait as a Painter by Vincent van Gogh
20. "What to Do in the Desert" after Nubian Girl by Ervand Demirdjian
19. "In Summer" after In Summer by Auguste-Pierre Renoir
18. "Night" after The Outlier by Frederic Sackrider Remington
17. "Boy Blowing Bubbles" after The Bubble Boy by Paul Peel
16. "Morning" after Buki Rinsen by Tsuchida Bakusen
15. "When Papa Paints" after Portrait of Anne by George Wesley Bellows
14. "Whistler's Mother" after Arrangement in Grey and Black, No. 1 by James McNeill Whistler
13. "In the Company of Kittens" after Contentment 1900 by Henriette Ronner-Knip
12. "Sixteen" after Jeanne Hubuturne-1919 by Amedeo Modigliani
11. "Promise" after Portrait of a Little Italian Girl by Maria Kroyer
10. "Portrait of a Writer" after Oskar Maria Graf by Georg Schrimpf
9. "Speaking of the Weather" after Profile of a Woman by Fujishima Takeji
8. "Happiness" after Self-Portrait with Straw Hat by Elisabeth Vigee le Brun
7. "Virginia, Sitting for a Portrait" after Portrait of Virginia (Little Girl) by Frida Kahlo
6. "Paint-by-Number" after Portrait of a Woman by Alexei von Jawlensky
4. "I Am" after The White Cloud, Head Chief of the Iowas by George Catlin
3. "What If?" after Portrait of Camille Roulin by Vincent van Gogh
2. "The Lady Confesses" after Portrait of a Lady with Mask and Cherries by Benjamin Wilson
1. "Mona Lisa in Love" after Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

Today's poem is on one of my most favorite things... which made it maybe THE most difficult poem for me to write! What hasn't already been written about a horse? What does this horse want me to know? I'm still listening, but here's what I've heard so far:

Wild Horse
- after "Rearing Horse" by Leonardo da Vinci

unbroken geography

      with hooves

calligraphy with
      a heartbeat


- Irene Latham
And that's the end of ARTSPEAK! Portraits! Wow, what a fun month this has been! I am looking forward to sharing in the coming weeks about all my other April adventures... and the May ones, too. What a beehive spring! More soon. xo


  1. Magicalwonderfulpowerfullyrical. Happy NPM,friend. xxoo

  2. Irene, these have been so wonderful all month. You are an inspiration! Thanks for the postcard, too!

  3. It really is wonderful, Irene, each one a shining part of that wild horse. I have a good "horse" friend, will share! I've loved all your work this month. You make me think I should try a few poems with art. I used to do it with my students often.

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