Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Once There Was...

"I liked the stories best.
Once there was
a lion who could not roar. . .
Once there was
a man who sailed the sea. . .
Once there was
a child who found a treasure. . .
The stories would lift me up,
the words like a breeze beneath
butterfly wings,
and take me far from the pain in my belly
and the fight not in my heart.

I hope they will have stories
at my school.
If they don't know how,
perhaps I can teach them.
It isn't such a hard thing.
All you must do is say
Once there was. . .

and then let your hoping find the words."

- from HOME OF THE BRAVE by Katherine Applegate

I'm hearing lots of buzz about Katherine's newest WISHTREE, coming September 26, from the viewpoint of a tree (!) named Red. Can't wait!

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