Monday, May 15, 2017

This Little Piggie Went to Camden, Alabama

"Welcome, Y'all" says it all!
So last week it was my great pleasure to spend time in Camden and Gee's Bend, thanks to the good folks Sulynn Creswell and Kristin Law at Black Belt Treasures and Cultural Arts Center. They funded my visit to schools in the area, giving students an experience they wouldn't otherwise be able to enjoy. Who knows? Maybe some of those kids will go on to write novels and poems and stories! More on this later in the week.

Have you ever seen a more
adorable little pig?!
I love Black Belt Treasures. It's a store full of beautiful things and a foundation whose mission is to celebrate and support Alabama's Black Belt artisans. On the day I arrived, I fell in love with this little piggie, made my Kristin, and a leftover from the previous weekend's Hog Wild for Art event. (Black Belt Treasures always has the cool-est events! If only I lived closer!!)

Liberty Hall
I was honored to be the very first guest in Camden's new Bed and Breakfast: Liberty Hall, run by Julia Ann and Dudly. Y'all: this place is gorgeous! I had my cello with me (recital next week, so I had to practice), and when Julia suggested the parlor/music room, I was delighted. And then when I rosined up and

Julia Ann dusting up!

My bed
started tuning, I felt like I was in a hall of angels! What fabulous acoustics! So, so beautiful. And you won't believe the amount of furniture and paintings unique to the house... so much history and beauty. And Dudly cooks a mean breakfast, too. And brownies! Mmmm, those brownies...
fresh roses!

The porch. Or "breezeway"
between sleeping area and kitchen.
So, so breezy and lovely!

me and Kristin's beautiful daughter Sami
Another Camden treat was dining at Gainesridge, home of black bottom pie, which is on the list of 100 Things to Eat in Alabama Before You Die. I was filled with nostalgia as we sat in the old house eating our delicious meal, as the last time I was at GainesRidge, it was with my father. I remember where we sat and what we had to eat.  Here's a picture:

Papa and me at GainesRidge May 2012

Sulynn, Kristin, Irene
And you know, Papa was with me this time, too. As I was squirting ketchup onto my plate, I remembered one of my father's stories. Once, at a different restaurant, when Papa asked for ketchup, and the server proclaimed the steak was so good, he wouldn't need ketchup, my father said to bring the ketchup anyway. Papa told me, "Doesn't he realize that sometimes I order steak just so I can eat ketchup?" Ha!

Before leaving Camden, I was already plotting how to return. :)


  1. What a beautiful setting for your visit. And of course, your bed would have a beautiful quilt on it. Love the story you shared of your earlier visit there and how sweet Papa is still there with you through those delightful remembrances. Can't wait to hear about your school visits.


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