Monday, July 24, 2017

Movie Monday: THE BIG SICK

Funny thing: I'm writing this post while... sick. :( Summer colds are THE WORST.

Anyhow, we did get out with the young adult men in our life this past weekend to see THE BIG SICK. It's a love story, yes. And so much more! It gets into immigrant issues (if we came to America to leave behind the old life, why are we carrying so much with us?), "mixed" marriages/relationships (love may not care about cultural differences, but families do!), and second chances. Main character Kumail (who plays himself) gets a second chance with Emily when she gets hospitalized for a mysterious illness. Emily's parents get a second chance to improve their marriage. And all the while, there's little dashes of comedy and delight... kind of like real life! It seemed particularly relevant as both our sons have had relationships with people from other cultures. They could really relate to some of the challenges and rewards.

Oh, and the movie is based on real people! I loved getting a glimpse of the real Emily during the closing credits. Zoe Kazan (who played Emily) is one of my favorite actresses working today.

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