Friday, August 18, 2017

Poem for Monday's Eclipse

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Like so many, I've got the eclipse on my mind!

In Frank Close's recent LA Times article about the eclipse he opens with this question: "What is the most beautiful natural phenomenon you have ever seen?"

So many things pop up for me: red sun sinking into the Mediterranean, blue sky through the giants of Muir Woods, Pacific Ocean through the keyhole at Sunny Jim's Cave in La Jolla, California, the granite walls from the floor of Yosemite Valley, Crater Lake, coral reef beneath Little Cayman... and so many I've yet to see for myself, like the northern lights and Antarctica's blue-green 'bergs...

So it is with joy and yes, those special viewing glasses (!) that I greet Monday's big event. We are not in a prime viewing area here in Birmingham, but 94% is not too shabby.

I do have this memory of seeing an eclipse when I was in high school, but turns out this was not a TOTAL eclipse. Here's more information about the history of eclipses visible in the U.S. On a related note, I also have vivid memories of my brother playing on piano the opening of the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" again and again and again...

Now that's poetry. :) It seems natural phenomena often inspires we poets. So today my Poetry Friday offering is a wee eclipse poem. Is it a haiku? I am always reluctant to issue this label when I am not sure I have actually met the requirements... anyway, it's short!


interloper moon
pirates blazing day-kiss
Earth's face darkens

- Irene Latham

Happy viewing! And happy weekend. xo


  1. Oh, the battle of light and dark....between interlopers and pirates. Can't wait for this long expected eclipse. I won't be able to be with my kids. But, I know they will be watching!

  2. Wonderful word choices, Irene! (I hear that Bonnie will be singing that song in honor of the eclipse, can't remember where...)

  3. The moon as an interloper and pirate--wonderful! I'll think of your words when watching the eclipse (lucky me--I'm traveling to southern illinois where it will be in totality.)

  4. Love "day-Kiss" of pirate moon.

    And such an enjoyable question - the memorable natural WOW moments of our lives (via the LA TIMES, which I so much enjoy reading.)

    Sounds like a nifty parlor game to welcome our collage gal home tonite for a week's precious visit.


  5. I have always loved the Bonnie Tyler song. Like Buffy, I'll think of your poem as I watch the eclipse, but since I have not been able to find solar glasses (I waited too long!), I'll be watching through a homemade viewer! : )

  6. I put my eclipse poem up today, too!
    Love "interloper moon".

  7. We've been writing eclipse poems in my classes these days. One new student was brave enough to share her poem. We haven't delved into word choice, yet, but we will. Your use of interloper and pirate's day-kiss inspire.

  8. The moon as an interloper, an intruder, perhaps the moon is sending us a metaphoric message-a wake up call. Intriguing wordplay. Enjoy your viewing Irene, my daughter and I will be watching from Chicago. I wrote an eclipse poem also, and will post it on Sunday night.

  9. "pirates blazing day-kiss" Love it! What fantastic word choice. Thanks for sharing and also for planting that ear worm! Happy Eclipse Viewing!

  10. I'm looking forward to a day-long celebration on Monday of moon and sun through reading, writing, art, music and science! Maybe we'll even do elapsed time in math... ;-)

  11. That "day-kiss" is delicious! I had to order glasses from an eBay seller in AL, by the way. No one could keep them in stock here and they online channels all sold out days and days ago. Weather and Achilles willing, I'll drive back roads an hour or so away in search of totality Mon. No interstates - most of the east coast seems to be coming to SC! ;0) XO

  12. I love that interloper moon that pirates blazing day. Enjoy the eclipse and keep those eyes safe.

  13. Like others, I LOVE the day-kiss. It was overcast here, but we did manage to see a bit of the eclipse, using a homemade viewer. :-)

  14. Great music, and I love your pirate's kiss poem. A delight.


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