Thursday, November 16, 2017

two small poems for November

Hello! It's been a wee bit crazy around these parts as I returned from AASL only to leave again for NCTE...

but, oh, Alabama is beautiful in November! So I wanted to share with you these to pics I took in my backyard (before the rain came and left the trees naked) and two small poems (below) to go with them. (Also, just remembered a previous November poem I shared back in 2014!)

Excited to see some Poetry Friday friends at NCTE... I am honored to be part of the following sessions:

On the Wonder Pathway to Deepen Inquiry-based Learning and Amplify Voice - Friday, 11 am - 12:15 am, room 275 (Charles Waters and I will be talking about "Wonder as a Starting Place for Teaching Tolerance")

signing with Charles Waters at Lerner booth  314 -- 12:30 pm Friday -- FREE books!

Learning from Poems: How Studying Poetry Can Strengthen Writing in All Genres - Saturday, 3 pm - 4:15, room 100

And here are the poems:

 all it takes
is an easy breeze
for Novembers nose
to freckle

- Irene Latham

Before Rain

November kisses
bare belly

- Irene Latham

If someone would add this link at Jane's Roundup at Raincity Librarian, I'd be so grateful. Thank you!


  1. I'll add your link, Irene. I love more November poems, and these are great. Love the 'freckles'! Have fun at NCTE!

  2. I like both of your November poems Irene, especially "Before Rain," and "wheelbarrow's
    bare belly"
    All the best at this next conference, thanks!

  3. What beautiful peoms, Irene. Your use of personification brings November to life magically. Good luck at the conference.

  4. Now EVERY wheelbarrow has a bare!! Thank you. I so hope to make it in time to your session after my meeting tomorrow. Hug. xx

  5. Bare belly! Such a fun phrase inside a beautiful poem. I'm so glad to know your words and where to find them no matter how far or how often you travel. Thanks for the wonderful contribution to AASL. I'm blogging about that today over at:

  6. Enjoy NCTE! Lovely poems--I love November's freckles. She seems to be sporting quite a few freckles around here, too.

  7. Wonderful wordplay in these poems, Irene. Congratulations to you and Charles. I can't wait to see the new book!

  8. November Rain is so lovely, Irene - have fun at NCTE, I still remember our session and the dinner all of us shared.

  9. November's nose! The wheelbarrow's belly! Delight-ful images, and I'm so pleased to hear you've got a flood of work in the pipeline. So happy to spend time with you and Charles last night!

  10. I love this taste of your life, and you pairing of words, autumn and freckle, and wheelbarrow and belly. A touch of personification makes them seem like part of the family.

  11. Lovely November poems! I've been reading November poems with my seventh graders this week. Hope you're having fun at NCTE.

  12. Oh, Irene...freckles, belly... these were original and fun to read. Remember to breathe. I hope you have fun in this busy time <3


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