Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lake Dog

We have had a blast introducing Ruby to the lake... she is a born sailor! Remember The Sailor Dog by Margaret Wise Brown? It was definitely one of my childhood favorites. And now, our Ruby loves being on the fishing boat and can't stand it when we cruise off in the kayaks without her. (Inflatable kayak  + Ruby's claws = potential disaster.) 
We are excited to see how she reacts when we catch some fish while she's on board... she can be pretty excitable, soI think a flopping fish is really going to rock her world! I'll let you know. Meanwhile, we are enjoying a few warm, breezy days punctuated by flowering cherry trees and daffodils brightening hillsides and ditches. 
Spring is coming, yes it is!


  1. I knew winter would be back after our warmish days most of the time. It's one degree this am & it snowed yesterday, not so much, but covered the ground. So, I love hearing that spring is on its way & that you're out in the boat with Ruby! Looks wonderful!

  2. Haven't seen any daffodils yet, but they're up. It won't be long. Ruby looks absolutely regal on the boat!

  3. Awesome....

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