Monday, March 19, 2018


Wow, it's been a while since I posted for a Movie Monday -- not because we haven't seen any movies. We have! Bunches! There just hasn't been one I've loved enough to blog about. I mean, the whole Oscar season came and went, and I just felt meh about the nominated movies. Which makes me double happy to be blogging today about a movie that made me think and feel and that we're still talking about days later: TEMPLE GRANDIN, starring Claire Danes.

Originally a 2010 TV movie, it tells the story of Temple, who has autism, and how she learned to use the gifts of autism to make important changes -- and a place for herself -- in the animal husbandry industry.

The message of the movie is a timely one: "different, not less."

I loved how determined Temple was, how truly herself she was. And because I happen to love someone who happens to be on the spectrum, I could relate. I've seen this coexistence of brilliance and struggle. I've wondered so many times, what to do? How to help?

The movie shows us that the best thing we can do is love each other, let people be exactly who they are -- while also encouraging and pushing them to be their best selves. This is not just a gift to give people with autism, but how we can love anyone and everyone in the world.

Pretty inspirational... and now I've got to read Temple Grandin's books. (I've read a number of her articles over the years, but not her books.) Must remedy! Meanwhile, here's Temple giving an amazing TED talk.

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