Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Alabama Report

Wow, last week was some kind of week! It was my great pleasure to welcome Charles Waters to Alabama, where we shared time with readers and writers and good folks of all kinds!

me (wearing my Roll Tide
 sweater!) with Ludelphia
and Paige Miller
Our first stop was Tuscaloosa/T-town/The University of Alabama. While I am an Auburn fan (!), I did earn a graduate degree from Alabama... and I DO like elephants... and I have never had anything but good times in Tuscaloosa!

This time I was pleased and grateful to work again with the ever-inspiring Paige Miller of the Women and Gender Resource Center and Jamie Naidoo of the Library Sciences department -- and also new President of ALSC! (I know, it was like being in the presence of royalty! Except without all the bowing and such. Jamie is one of the nicest, smartest people on the planet.)

I was thrilled to share LEAVING GEE'S BEND with the brown bag lunch crowd, and then later that evening to join Charles in introducing CAN I TOUCH YOUR HAIR?
I never get tired of watching Charles perform his poems!
Isn't this THE BEST?!
The next day we had an amazing day at Shades Mountain Elementary School in Hoover, Alabama. This visit was arranged by Ann Marie Corgill who not only is a fabulous teacher, but is just one of the best humans ever. And I'm not the only one who thinks so: she's a former Alabama Teacher of the Year! I was moved to tears more than once interacting with these precious kids and reading their poems and art... which Charles and I are in the process of getting on display in our Padlet gallery. (Do take a look... more pieces added all the time!) Meanwhile, check out this amazing Sound Wave art! The kids read and recorded our poem "Dear Mrs. Vandenberg," used software to create the soundwave, then made it into art! Isn't that brilliant?!

Charles Waters, Irene Latham, Pat(ty Jean) Weaver
Next up was the SCBWI Writing and Illustrating for Kids conference. Many thanks to the slew of volunteers who made it happen! It started with a signing during which Charles and I were able to present a little about the book -- after which, the bookseller apologetically announced he'd sold out of our books! A good problem to have, right? Also: Linda Sue Park bought our book!!!! Amazing, right? :) We also got a pic of me, Charles, and the real-life Patty Jean (who appears in the book!). Fun. I'm so grateful to friends who came out to support us... a thousand thank yous!!

One of the best parts of the weekend was (finally!) introducing Charles to my family, and my family to Charles! Here he is with two of my most precious:
my bodyguards :)
And finally: check out this adorable video!

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  1. Wow!!! So many good people and so much creativity! Sounds like a week to remember :-)


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