Wednesday, May 2, 2018

BEHOLD: Bald Eagles

photo courtesy of National Geographic
Spring has arrived in central Alabama! For the past two weeks we have been enjoying our supper outdoors, on a deck overlooking the lake.

The water, the spring air, the green-green trees are all so very peaceful! And in the sky above the lake, eagles. Bald eagles! Bald eagles courting. So the birds were whistling, diving, circling... beautiful!

 SO beautiful and miraculous that it made my throat get tight with gratitude. And this thought: this beauty has been here all along. While we were raising kids in the suburbs, no eagles in sight, the eagles were here. I don't know, but that thought just got me. Why did it take us so long?! But that's not the thing to dwell on, is it?

Easter 2018
(before everything turned green)
The eagles were there last night for supper, too. I think they may be our nearest neighbors. :) We are so grateful to now be able to walk out our back door and witness such magnificence.

We've also got a Bird Show at the feeders outside our bedroom window each morning! I had to get out the bird field guide to help us identify them all. :) I am loving it. Very fitting for this 2018, Year of the Bird -- and for my 2018 One Little Word BEHOLD.


  1. Miraculous, Irene! So glad you can witness it. (And what a beautiful place to have supper!) xo

  2. Appreciations for this visit to your wonder, dear Irene. Many more
    bald eagle sightings for you + your Family!
    I love reading about your rituals with hubby, now that
    kids are away.

    Anna left for Boston (right after high school!) & Paolo & I began that also.
    With the pool quiet in summer we began spending time just talking, immersed, out of the heat. And - rewarded with a hummingbird flying between as as we stood talking quietly in water.
    Had hummingbirds made previous loops from backyard cardinal + shrimp plants, across the pool, to the front yard cardinal + shrimp plants?
    Who knows! But you have called attention to how nature is that daily + nightly mystery, waiting for us to discover her.


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