Friday, May 25, 2018

Fairy Poem

fairy door -- it actually opens,
which I love!
Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Margaret at Reflections on the Teche for Roundup.

It's official: the boy has graduated and headed off to camp. The nest is feeling sad and empty today. :(

Good thing we recently installed a fairy door in our front yard... we need some wee visitors full of mischief and good cheer!

Here is a poem to welcome them.

Come, Fairies

Share with me
your twinkletoe way
of tickling the daisies,

teach me your
rabbit enchantments.

I want to know how
to buzz bumblespeak,

how to sail like a swallowtail,
all gentle swoops
and loop-de-loops.

The tall grass sways
with your mischief,

the mushrooms
bloom with your magic.

Come fairies,
it's a poet knocking.

I bring word-bouquets
and baskets
of freshbaked metaphor.

Won't you please

open your door?

- Irene Latham

... and here is a pic of the boy. We're so proud!
Class of 2018!


  1. Dear Irene,

    Graduation Joy !to you & your young man & Family.

    Faerie fellowship is bound to follow with your enticing words & portal!


  2. Congratulations to the graduate and family!! Wonderful photo -- you picked a beautiful spot to land. Fairies can't be far.

  3. Oh Irene, before I came to your post this morning I was revising a fairy ��‍♀️ poem I began last night. I picked up my phone to search for a song that I’m using in a poem and your name was in my feed—I had to follow and found serendipitously the fairies had visited you. I ❤️ your poem, “how to sail like a swallowtail, and loop-de-loops.” A marvelous, magical ����‍♂️ poem, I know they’ll be coming!
    Many Congratulations to your son and family on the joyous occasion of his graduating. Wishing him well on his next journey in life!

  4. Congratulations to the graduate and to you! LOVE your fairy door and poem -- so playful and winsome, and perfect for a new spring adventure.

  5. Many, many congratulations on this bitter-sweet milestone. I'm sure your son is ready for all that comes his way this summer. And are baking meataphors for fairies and cutting word bouquets. I love it. If the fairies don't open the door, you can come have some sweet tea up my way. I love the way you play with fairies in this poem. It's sweet and fun and definitely a cure for any blues.

  6. Congratulations to your son, Irene. I know it is bittersweet, yet there is a grown up relationship coming, too, that is good. Your fairy door, and poem, is the nicest thing poet you could do, bringing more magic like that "twinkletoe way/of tickling the daisies." Of course, you know that you might also teach the fairies some of your special magic powers, too! Hugs across the way!

  7. Congrats on your last graduate. It's a bittersweet time. (And harder on moms than boys, at least at our house.) I love the Fairy House and your inviting poem. Happy Saturday!

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  9. You know I adore this, with its compounded words and soundgames...and you may not have seen the connection between Point A graduation emptynest and Point B knockknock fairy door, but I do:

    giant big grown-up children
    on the far side of the door of time
    don't forget to let me back in
    now and then
    your mysterious fairy life is
    full of rabbit enchantments
    but I have
    baskets of wisdom to deliver

    Huzzah to your boy and to his parents!

  10. (Awesome there, Heidi!) Irene - first, huge congrats all around and warmest wishes to the newly fledged. Second - perfectly magical poem. LOVE those rabbit enchantments. I'll give your best to the wee folk in Ireland soon.... XO


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