Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Free Verbs! Pick Five.

This past weekend at the Adult Strings Weekend, I joined a couple of other players for a chamber music session -- in the Kindermusik room.

Pretty perfect for a children's book author and poet, don't you think?

Not only were the walls full of all sorts of instruments, but there was this poster on the wall listing a symphony of verbs. Can't you just see an ensemble of little Kinders moving their bodies in these ways -- to music?!

And now for a challenge:

PICK FIVE! Write a poem that includes five of the verbs on the list.

Here's mine:
slash   slither   sweep   swoop    spin

Under a Sturgeon Moon*

starlight slashes lake

canoe slithers
into silver ripples

paddles sweep

wind spins a hymn

* in case you missed the Sturgeon Moon, it happened this past Sunday night. :)

Read Molly's 5 Verbs poem about Fall!


  1. It's quick, but here's what I did, also adding one word in the title. Fun to try!

    Life’s Wiggle

    Sweep away sad,
    choose happy
    Dodge the potholes,
    enjoy the zig-zag
    Swoop up in the air,
    savor the breeze
    Fly like a butterfly,
    kiss the flowers
    Burst with good days,
    And remember

  2. Just came across your challenge, and had to share my response...which uses the specific words without locking them into a particular part of speech:

    March sweeps in
    to slowly wring
    the melt of winter;
    welcome, Spring.

    - (c) Matt F. Esenwine

  3. Irene, I think I am going to use this exercise with the teachers I work with this year. It is a wonderfully creative spark exercise. So, I was thinking that your poem would make a great accompaniment to your photo lake watching photo. May I place it in The Art of Summering Gallery?


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