Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Magical, Mystical MISSISSIPPI BOOK FESTIVAL, this Weekend!

Charles Waters and I are so very excited to be presenting this weekend at Mississippi Book Festival in Jackson!

It was my great fortune to present on a Picture Book panel back in 2016 for FRESH DELICIOUS. Yes it was August-muggy-HOT. But. What a grand, well organized festival!

And this year not only will Charles and I be part of the Picture This! panel, but we'll also be presenting to 1500 school kids on Friday. 1500 kids -- who will each receive a copy of CAN I TOUCH YOUR HAIR: Poems of Race, Mistakes and Friendship.

Isn't that amazing and generous and wonderful? And talk about an author's dream! We're delighted and honored. And excited to meet these young readers as well as a slew of other authors like Jessmyn Ward and Angie Thomas and Augusta Scattergood and Rick Bragg and and and... y'all, Mississippi don't play. This is a serious-good line-up of authors and events!

Did I say, excited? Yep. Hope to see you there!


  1. That is awesome that each of those kids will receive the book, Irene. It seems you will have some great fun this weekend!

  2. AMAZING generosity!!! Have a great time! xoxo

  3. So jealous of this line-up. And your opp to share your book w/ 1500 kids is so exciting! I’m a bit tempted, but then I remember August in the south. I’ll be watching for your blog post to read all about it.

  4. Oh, such lucky people to meet you and Charles! Have a glorious time, and enjoy the children enjoying your words. Totally thinking about you this weekend, my friend! xx

  5. How exciting! As Amy said, how lucky those children are to spend time with you and Charles! Have fun!


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