Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Celebrating Poetry & Conversation at Riverchase Elementary

books to sign!
One of the great things about writing a book with someone is that we get invited to do school visits together! Yesterday Charles Waters and I spent time with students and educators at Riverchase Elementary in Hoover, Alabama. What a lovely learning environment the administration, faculty and staff are creating for these students! What an honor to be a part of that.

Charles Waters, Jennifer Rich, Irene Latham
Big thanks to librarian Jennifer Rich (and her sweet mama, who is a retired librarian, and helped with Jennifer's classes so she could devote her time to making the author visit run smoothly. I know. Isn't that beautiful? We all need a mama like that).

It was also nice to explore the school's 811 section to see what poetry titles were available. I am always looking for new-to-me books... and of course it is fun to find familiar books, too. Yay for FRESH DELICIOUS! :)

Later, when Charles and I were on our way to our book signing at Little Professor Books, I got a text from a friend who had just picked up her grandbaby from our school... and look! We'd autographed a book for her!

No, I didn't know this friend's child when to Riverchase. What a sweet surprise!

Finally, I want to share a couple more things:

SCBWI schmooze at North Shelby Library
1. We loved our time at Little Professor Books! What a peaceful, well-stocked bookstore. And we made some new friends! We didn't take any pictures, though, sadly. On the other hand... we were really in the moment, and sometimes cameras can get in the way of that.

2. As part of Charles' visit, we also offered an SCBWI Schmooze to offer "Experience, Strength, and Hope for the Publishing Journey." It was lovely talking with others at different stages of the journey, and remembering once again, that there's no one road to publication. We all get there in different ways. Thanks to all who attended and shared!

3.  For the first time, Charles and I don't know when we'll see each other again, as there are no new events currently scheduled. That feels weird, and made it sad to say goodbye! We've had such a big, fun year and shared so much... I know there are many more adventures in store for us... starting with us getting these latest revisions of our next book back to our editor! :)

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  1. Y'all are doing another book together??
    Love the signed-book-for-the-grandbaby surprise!


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