Friday, September 21, 2018

Fun at the County Fair - Poem and Pictures

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure and visit Erin at The Water's Edge for Roundup!

I am away from my desk today, but I did want to pop in with some pics from last week's county fair.

Ours is one of just 22 counties in Alabama that still hosts a fair, and I kind of love it -- not the rides so much, as the noise and lights and crowds are a bit much for me, though I do respect and admire how the crew can create the fair in just hours... so many cables snaking along the ground!

What I really love are the agriculture exhibits. This year we caught the kids' 4-H lamb show. AND, we enjoyed discovering two of our son's photographs earned ribbons and prize money!

Oh, and the fair is just not the fair until hubby and I have shared a funnel cake. :)

And because it's Poetry Friday, here's a fair poem:

Fair Prayer

Thank you for this
September night,
for funnel cakes
and Midway lights.
For giant pumpkins,
sunflower blossoms,
and the way Mama's
are all but forgotten.

Thanks for hay bales
and raffle ticket sales,
how riding the Tilt a Whirl
makes me feel like
I'm Queen of the world!

Most of all thank you
for cotton candy
and how it melts
but leaves a splash
of blue on my lips
that lasts forever –

or at least until
the next morning.

- Irene Latham
Have YOU been to the fair this year? If so, maybe your experience needs to find its way into a poem??


  1. How wonderful! Our County Fair site has gone up for sale. It's sad. I don't go every year. But, when I go, I also enjoy the competitions over creative cooking and writing and animal husbandry. The sound and scent and general atmosphere are not easily mimicked by anything else. And, oh....that blue cotton candy. mmmmmm

  2. I love the voice of your fair poem, Irene! I went to the fair (and I usually don't). Wrote a few poems while there, but I'd like to write one now looking back at it. Thanks!

  3. Happy for Mama, and the lucky blue-lipper. Ben and I went to the fair this year -- we really love the agricultural exhibits, too (and the art). So much amazing talent and skill! Congrats to your son!

  4. Today seems to be world gratitude day, and world peace day, so being at a county fair makes a good time to be grateful, midst all the peace there you wrote about. I got to go to a county fair last year with Nathan & family, & yes, I did have a funnel cake! Yum!

  5. Thank you for bringing me to the fair. We missed our fairs this year due to traveling. Funnel cakes, yum.

  6. Irene, I'm not surprised a farmers market fan also loves the county fair. I love the line in your poem about cotton candy melting in your mouth. Maybe not as healthy as veggies, but what a delicious childhood memory!

  7. Mmm. Food at the fair. I didn't go to my local one this year, unfortunately. Maybe next year!

  8. Sigh. Now I want to go to a fair too. Thanks for taking us there today. Love the poem and pics (hooray for funnel cakes and cotton candy!).

  9. Sorry to say I've only been to one county fair in my life. I can't even remember where it was, but I do remember that they had a cooking competition for the most creative Spam recipe. Spam sushi won. I do love reading about others' fair experiences though — and especially poems written in enthusiastic young voices. :) xo

  10. We're heading to the Big E on Sunday, and I also attended Matt Forrest's Hopkinton fair. I love fairs--so exotically down-to-earth, if you know what I mean.

  11. Thanks for taking us to your fair via your lively poem Irene! I don't think I've been to our state fair, it happens in Springfield, IL which is a big hop, skip and a jump from Chicago. But I do go to local Harvest festivals in my area and they're a lot of fun. I love the pumpkins, gourds, campfires and all.

  12. I recognize so much in your poem, as I've attended many a fair in my day, in addition to the one i work at each year. Love those funnel cakes...I just wish they had them more available here!

  13. Love this trip to the fair. We call them 'shows' in Australia, but the sights and sounds are very familiar - except for those funnel cakes, which I now want to try!

  14. Fun poem--and the county fair is the highlight of our summer. I remember September fairs from growing up in NC, but here in IN our state fair is in August, so our county fairs are much earlier. We spent lots of time with 4H (thanks to my daughter) and still spend multiple nights at the fair taking in the sights, eating the food, and visiting.


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