Monday, September 17, 2018

In Which I Become a Librarian

Today would be my father's 72nd birthday. Anyone who knew my father knows he was an avid reader, reading on average a book a day -- for his whole life.

Papa, building his
library collection
Papa's dream was to retire to his hometown of Port St. Joe, FL, where he would build a library to house his thousands of books.

That never happened, but something else really awesome did.

And now, a dream, I, his daughter, has harbored has come true: I am now a librarian!

Yes, of all the professions, I've often thought the one I would have most enjoyed (if I wasn't an author) is being a librarian. So imagine my delight when we arrived in our new town and discovered 1) our (tiny) town has a just-for-the-Town library! And 2) they needed a librarian.

Can you hear the angels singing?

New book donations, ready to be shelved!
So I volunteered myself and have since gotten to work weeding and sorting donations and reorganizing and surveying residents to identify needs and setting up a donation/memorial program and all sorts of other fun stuff.

Not all of it is fun. So many choices must be made -- shelf space is limited, as we only have room to house about a thousand books.
wee book-loving me
But I love books! And libraries are important! And I want ours to not only fulfill my dream, but also my father's.

Joy! So Happy Birthday, Papa, from your loves-books-because-of-you, now-a-librarian daughter.


  1. love, love, love this love and this dream.

  2. It is a gift for your Papa, makes me shiver when serendipity happens. You chose this new place and then, wow, a wonderful thing happens. I am happy for you, Irene. I love working at the bookstore, and hope you love every bit of this new venture!

  3. A thousand books!? Tough choices, right? Maybe the books will rotate? I'm sure you will be the best librarian!! xo

  4. Oh, my dream jobs are librarian and bookstore owner. Enjoy every moment! I can hear the angels singing and see your dad hovering above the stacks, helping you make decisions!

  5. That is so wonderful and awesome! Welcome to the family of librarians!


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