Monday, September 10, 2018

Movie Monday: SEARCHING

We weren't planning to go to the movies this past weekend, but sometimes plans change, don't they? We chose SEARCHING, because it has received some nice reviews-- and wow, it did not disappoint.

It's a mystery in which a father tries to unravel his daughter's disappearance by using technology.

Fascinating, right, how social media and the internet can provide so many clues? And also the dark side... how social media turns fathers into #monsters and how crimes/deception can happen BECAUSE of the technology. Definitely a double-edged sword. Which is not news.

But what makes this movie great is two things: emotion and surprise. Also nice to see a Korean American family front-n-center.

I was in tears after the first few minutes of the movie, after a heartbreakingly beautifulmontage that reminded me a lot of the opening scenes of the movie UP.

If you haven't seen UP, please please see it!

Now back to SEARCHING. From a pure storytelling angle, this is one heckuva satisfying mystery/thriller. Really, really well done with nice twists and a satisfying, believable resolution. It's helping me with a current work-in-progress. I love when that happens!

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