Wednesday, October 17, 2018

"Can't Catch Me!" Octopus Poem by Kay McGriff for #OctopusMonth

Can’t Catch Me!
by Kay Jernigan McGriff

Ollie ollie oxen free -
I bet you’ll never catch me.

I can change how I am seen
by matching colors in my scene.

Ollie ollie oxen free -
Bet you cannot find me.

I can squirt a cloud of ink -
then jet off before you blink.

Ollie ollie oxen free -
Now you’ll never see me.

I can even shed an arm
to escape much further harm.

Ollie ollie oxen free -
You just thought you caught me.

I can grow a new arm now.
There’s no need to have a cow !

Ollie ollie oxen free -
That’s a trick you seldom see.

If by chance you grab me tight,
watch out for my deadly bite.

Ollie ollie oxen free -
you mustn’t ever catch me.

I can even build a den
with the rocks I lift again.

Ollie ollie oxen free -
I bet you’ll never catch me.

This octopus is a trickster...and knows it. :) I love the voice and the rhythm and how very many octopus facts are included. Thank you, Kay! xo


  1. Fun to imagine Agnes (& others) play hide 'n seek, Kay!

  2. What a fun poem Kay has written. I can see little ones chanting this one.

  3. Thank you! I'm thrilled to help you and Agnes celebrate this month!

  4. This is a rhythmic poem to dance to!
    I can see your delightful poem, Kay, re-created in class with the students
    acting out the actions. I'd want to squirt the ink. Wouldn't every writer?


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