Monday, October 8, 2018

Happy World Octopus Day! #OctopusMonth

Isn't it fitting that October 8 should be World Octopus Day? Agnes and I kind of love it. So today offer you a hodgepodge of octo-fun!

First, today at the Lerner blog, you can find Agnes exchanging postcards with other members of the LOVE, AGNES team: moi (!), editor Carol Hinz and illustrator Thea Baker.

Also today we will visit the post office, where we will ship out review copies and one finished copy to those folks who read all the way to the end of my most recent Irene's Adventures in Writing newsletter. That's right: at the very end there was a p.s. and a reward for those most faithful readers! If you missed it, you can read it here. And if you don't yet subscribe to the newsletter, please do! I'll be sending out another issue with its own surprises come January. :)

In other octopus news, we had our first event of the Great Southeastern Octopus Tour at McWane Center in Birmingham. My husband came along to take pictures.
at the postcard craft table

young writer writing about sharks!
(McWane doesn't currently
have an octopus in its collection.)
Reading in a corner of the Itty Bitty Magic City,
where some young citizens enjoyed
sharing octopus-joy!

"Hey Crabby Crab... we all have our eyes on you!"
Also, I wanted to share about HOW TO BE A GOOD CREATURE by Sy Montgomery. Chapter 9 features an octopus named Octavia! (More on how to name an octopus coming later this week. :)

Finally, for a fun poem and some adorable octopus art, be sure to visit a penny and her jots to read "Octopus Olive at the Monster Hop" by Buffy Silverman! More poems and art coming this week. Thanks so much for joining the celebration!


  1. Of course October 8th should be World Octopus Day! When else could it be? I just bought How To Be a Good Creature on Saturday and thought of you when I saw the chapter about Octavia. Can't wait to get started reading this.

  2. Happy World Octopus Day to you and Agnes! Love all the photos -- thanks for sharing the good times with us.


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