Thursday, October 25, 2018

Octopus art by Barbara Bell (and a poem) #OctopusMonth

Barbara Bell is an artist with a studio in Rockvillle, Maryland. She's always been a big fan of sea critters, especially of the cephalopod variety. She painted this piece after a visit in 2015 to the Waikiki Aquarium in Honolulu. I am in love! You can also view the painting in the "Sea" section of her website,

"Hawaii"      22" x 30" watercolor
And, because I couldn't resist, here is a small poem to go with Barbara's painting:

Dream with Three Hearts 
by Irene Latham

blue morning

origami octopus

ocean breathes


  1. It is a gorgeous work of art. I looked at Bell's website, lots of beauty there, too, Irene. And I love your idea: "origami octopus/unfolds".

  2. How do YOU know Barbara Bell and *I* don't (since she and I are from the same town)?? Love the poem/art combo. xo

  3. That painting is gorgeous, Irene. Thank you for sharing it. I love your verb "unfolds" -- fitting for an octopus.


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