Monday, November 12, 2018

AGNES at the Anniston Museum of Natural History

What joy for me and Agnes to present a storytime this past Saturday for Anniston Museum of Natural History! And wow, thanks to Sarah Burke and crew, it was a really lovely event.

There were sea-themed decorations.

... and a cozy spot to read to the kids.

There was a table for writing postcards.

...and a girl with more hearts than an octopus.
(those are hearts on her shirt!)
There was even an octopus-friend made by Matthew for me and Agnes to take home.
Matthew the boy
holding Matthew the octopus...
watch out world, this kid
may be a children's book illustrator
someday -- in between his work
in professional sports :)

 Octopus-sized hugs to everyone who came out! And to Sarah and the Anniston Museum of Natural History: keep doing what you're doing. What a gift to the community!

And you guys, that concludes The Great Southeastern Octopus Tour! So many thanks to Barb and Sarah at Blue Slip Media for helping to make it happen. An author couldn't ask for a better pr team. xo


  1. It looks like a wonderful time, Irene! Love the decor and all those postcards!

  2. Matthew the Octopus has a vibrant personality! What a nice thing for Matthew the reader to make for you. I'm glad the Great Southeastern Octopus Tour was such a success.

  3. Thank you for including Matthew in your post. Matthew and I are big fans! We enjoyed the morning with you and Agnes. I look forward to sharing her with my students. The crocheted Agnes will add to the fun as I read aloud. Great to see you, Irene!

  4. Simply fabulous. The Great Southeastern Octopus Tour! xx


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