Monday, March 4, 2019

Talking Books, Poetry & Art at Thompson Intermediate School

me with Maddie & Jada,
peer helpers who escorted me
from the office to gym
I spent a lovely day last week with some great people at Thompson Intermediate School in Alabaster, Alabama.

I remember from my first visit to this school (2017) what a loving, nurturing learning environment it provides, and I was again impressed during this visit. Students listened with interest and asked thoughtful questions -- maybe my favorite: "how does it FEEL to write books?" My first response was, "it's exhilarating!" And then I shared about how hard and frustrating it can be sometimes -- and my secret weapon for getting through writer's block. :)

Aside:  I am currently in the throes of a new project, so I am not sleeping well, and yes, exhilarated, mostly.

Here's a pic with librarian Christi King, who is a delight, and so easy to work with:

Christi King & Irene Latham
After I presented to a gym full of 4th graders, the 5th graders rolled in. I had a wonderful time with both groups, and then it was time to sign some books! I love this part of the visit because it gives me a couple of minutes to engage each child on an individual level. I ask them about their stories -- what they like to do, their pets, their families. I love learning what important to them and seeing a tiny glimpse into their hearts.

One boy named Jamieson told me he loves to draw, and later came back in to share with me some of his amazing art. What a gift! Someday we'll all be buying his books!

We rounded out the day with a lunch in the library attended by a special group of eight students. We shared about our lives and enjoyed pizza, sandwiches and CAKE! I do love cake...and this one came from Edgar's Bakery, so what a treat!

Books, kids, art, cake... being a kids book creator is the Best. Job. Ever! Thank you, TIS Warriors! Hope to see you again in a couple of years. xo

the lunch bunch - loves those smiling faces!
p.s. the school library has abandoned Dewey for genre-organized shelves... which means, no 8-1-1 section. (! ) I get it -- books are more likely to get read when they are easy to find -- but it made me a little sad!

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  1. Looks like a terrific school and great visit! How nice that Jamieson is a budding artist :-) xo


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