Sunday, April 7, 2019

ARTSPEAK: Happy! poem "Sister Song" by Irene Latham

I'm excited to be continuing my ARTSPEAK series -- this year with poems on the theme of "Happy." Read why in my introductory post.

Poems so far:

Girl in a Yellow Dress after "A Girl in a Yellow Dress, 1917" by Amedeo Modigliani.

When the Stars Come to Town after "Cafe Terrace at Night" by Vincent van Gogh.

On a Golden Day in May after "Checkered House" by Grandma Moses.

Beach Time after "Children Playing on the Beach" by Mary Cassatt

The Weight of Happiness after "Flower Seller" by Diego Rivera

By the Sea after "Coastal Scene with Gulls" by Maude Lewis

Today's piece is an untitled piece by Henry Darger. When I look at this art, I think about all the happy times I have had with my sister. I'm so grateful for her.

Sister Song
- after untitled art by Henry Darger

My sister is a daffodil.
She creeps up quietly,
then explodes the roadside
with a ROAR!

I pretend to be a butterfly –
flit flut flutter fly –
I am quiet, too.
I find every open door.

We meet in the meadow.
We play, sing, explore.
Me and my sister,
this daffodil I adore.

- Irene Latham

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  1. There goes that metaphor super-power again! I love the daffodil/butterfly word picture.

  2. Sweetest poem, Irene. Love the connection with your sister.

  3. "My sister is a daffodil" is a line I will be keeping forever. It is so neat to see where each of these paintings takes you, and I love sharing them with students too. xx

  4. Just lovely, Irene. I wish I had a sister . . . love all the art you've chosen so far. Basking in the yellow!

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  7. Such a lovely ode/tribute to your daffodil sister. Sunny and bright and able to roar. And you her meadow flower butterfly sister. Sweet and fluttering. Lovely. I wonder about you and the open you peer in, race in? Wonder? Striking poem, Irene. Janet F.

  8. What a great sister gift this poem would be!


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