Thursday, April 30, 2020

ArtSpeak: RED "Watermelon Time" after The Watermelons by Diego Rivera

Hello on this last day of National Poetry Month! I'm giving this poem it's own post because it was a bugger to write. You can view all the poems in the ArtSpeak: Red series (so far) on padlet
For this poem, I typed pages and pages of watermelon ideas -- only to discard them. It's hard to write about something so familiar and bring something fresh to a poem... and then I remembered one of Charles Water's poems about peanut butter that the kids adore. It uses rhyme, and so I decided I could do that, too, and at least make watermelon FUN (because it is!).

 So there you go. My only concern is: will kids know what "champagne" is? I don't know!

Here it is again, not tied to the image:

Watermelon Time

Honey, grab a watermelon.
Baby, pick a big one!
Now let's crack it open –
we'll feast on juicy sun.

Honey, is your belly full?
Baby, did you taste sweet rain?
Watermelon, o watermelon!
Summer's own champagne.

- Irene Latham

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  1. Well, the granddaughters know what champagne is, so. . . Ah, that picture is sumptuous, isn't it? I'm glad you found a special way into a poem, Irene, because it fits to me that August time of tasting the garden delights, especially watermelon, 'juicy sun'! Poetry month, though hard in many places, it's been wonderful for all the poetry! Happy May, too, Irene!


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