Friday, May 29, 2020

ArtSpeak: RED "The Truth Is" poem by Irene Latham

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Mary Lee at A Year of Reading for Roundup.

4 Things That Have Brought Me Joy This Week:
1. My library opened back up! I'll be heading over there later today  to pick up a nice stack of books on hold for me.
2. I made some parmesan mushroom risotto that was pretty darn awesome.
3. We walked in a warm, gentle rain several days in a row.
4. I got some unexpected happy-making mail. :)

And now here is the latest ArtSpeak: RED poem. Enjoy!

The Truth Is

a girl can wear flowers
and still know sorrow

the wind can scatter sorrow
and still push a sail

a sail can bloom crisp, white
and still harbor regret

regret can steal hours, days, years
and still the sun rises red

- Irene Latham


  1. Beautiful, Irene...the flowers to the wind to the sail to the final red. What a lovely collection you've written.

  2. The truth is complicated, isn't it?

    And, for the record, I nominate DICTIONARY FOR A BETTER WORLD for the inaugural Anisfield-Wolf Book Award for Children's Literature. (This award doesn't exist yet, but it should, and your book should win it. Just sayin'.)

  3. Beautiful poem!! So insightful. LOVE it.

  4. I think this is a very favorite, Irene. it's a poetic, quiet "listen to me" this is truth! Beautifully done in the structure, too. Have a nice weekend!

    1. Forgot to say I'm so jealous of your library opening! Hoping for ours someday!

  5. Your poem helping us to look deeper, to know that things are not always as they seem. Pull back the curtain. Look into the heart. Red. Beautiful and thought-provoking. I am curious about your unexpected mail. I hope it is something wonderful.
    Janet Clare F.

  6. I love your poem. It seems an apt reflection on the times. From the beginning of this, I've felt the wonder of nature carrying on, how just because one thing is sad, doesn't mean everything is, or how one thing may appear one way but it another...still reflecting. Again, beautiful.

  7. Oh oh oh... the poem knocks my socks off. Lovely!!! And yeah, I'm jealous of your library opening also. But... this too shall pass. Best to you and thanks again.

  8. "and still the sun rises red" thank goodness, we need that sun to rise and some reassuring constancy. Everything isn't always as it seems… rich painting and poem Irene. And yes, I agree with the others, wish my library was opening, I miss it, thanks, xo.


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