Friday, January 8, 2021

ArtSpeak: FOUR SEASONS "One for Joy" winter poem

ceiling display at
Rooster in the Garden
Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Sylvia at Poetry for Children for her annual Sneak Peek of Children's Poetry books (one of my favorite posts of the year!)... and Roundup!

We've been enjoying the beach this week in Ft. Pierce, FL... and Heathcote Botanical Gardens and A.E. Backus Museum & Gallery and seafood and the beach... nice to escape the real world for a while. (Actually we've decided this IS the real world, and all that other madness is what we'll happily leave behind!)

In D-39: A ROBODOG'S JOURNEY news, I wrote a post over at Smack Dab in the Middle about my D-39 dystopia-robo-journey-hope playlist. So fun to pair story and music... I hope you'll check it out.

And you've got to read the beautiful, creative nests and nestlings written by these marvelous poets:

Margaret Simon: Reflections on the Teche
Molly Hogan: Nix the Comfort Zone
Linda Mitchell: A Word Edgewise
Catherine Flynn: Reading to the Core
Heidi Mordhorst: My Juicy Little Universe

What a fun, inspiring surprise! You poets make me want to write and create and love the world... thank you.

Today's ArtSpeak poem is inspired by Monet's magpie, and a little rhyme you have heard about magpies that begins "One for sorrow..." Well, I wanted to turn that upside down. Thank you so much for reading!

One for Joy

solitary magpie
dressed in shiny finery

makes a bride of winter—

each morning
renewing its vow

to love this decadent
wedding-cake world

- Irene Latham


  1. I love the wedding metaphor, Irene. It's beautiful, especially the image of a "wedding-cake world." Thanks for this today!

  2. I think if it snowed here, I, too, would renew my vows to winter.
    I'm going to learn to love bare brown, though, if it kills me. ;)

    Happy weekend.

    1. Oh, Tanita, I hear you!! My heart has been breaking over sustained bare brown.

  3. A fresh layer of snow seems to take away the sting of all in the air…Thanks for introducing us to your magpie and snow filled "wedding-cake world.

  4. We don't have all my favorite birds here, like cardinals, but I see magpies nearly every day, mostly two, thank goodness, for mirth! I love that you turned it around with that wedding cake snow, Irene. Your art speak this year is going to be a fun one. How wonderful you're at the beach - sigh! Have fun!

  5. Thanks for joining the Poetry Friday gathering-- and with your lovely magpie poem! It sounds like you're enjoying your stay in Florida, too. I'm envious! And how about all those "nestling" poems? What a lovely compliment to your genius idea! Keep on!

  6. Your magpie poem has me hungry for light and fluffy (melt in your mouth!) wedding cake, Irene. (If you every hear an Australian magpie, it gargles pure joy!)

  7. Thank you for sharing! I love the line "bride of winter"and finding joy in the simple beauty of nature!

  8. I too love the "bride of winter." Such a contrast between the magpie and the snow.

  9. I love that joyful magpie in its wedding-cake world. I am longing for a good snow this winter, but so far just a dusting or two.

  10. Irene, I love your ArtSpeak theme for the year, and "One for Joy" is perfect. Here's to more joy! These lines, "each morning/renewing its vow," resonate differently this week than they might have last week, but are an important truth anytime. Thank you for the shout-out, and for always being such an inspiration!

  11. I love this painting. Unless Monet has several similar paintings, I'm pretty sure I saw this very painting on a trip to Paris a year, a lifetime ago. And now, I tie joy to it with the idea of renewing vows of love to a world. Our much to love. I want to remember the reasons why. I do here.

  12. This wedding-cake world. Love that, Irene! Yes for flipping sorrow to joy!

  13. I'll get the opportunity to have a slice of that "decadent
    wedding-cake world" as forecasters are predicting a huge snowstorm in our parts tomorrow. When I am 'tasting the icing' as it falls from the sky, I'll think of you, Irene. :)

  14. A sweet and joyful start to contradict the grim headlines. Thank you!


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