Friday, June 25, 2021

Paddling During a Pandemic (poem)

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Now that I've entered the ArtSpeak: FOUR SEASONS "Summer" Museum, I realize I have written A LOT of art poems about summer! And I am quite excited to add more to the collection. 

Funny thing: during the pandemic, I wanted nothing to do with writing about the pandemic. And now that it feels mostly in the rearview mirror, voila! a pandemic poem! Thank you so much for reading.

Paddling During a Pandemic

sun's blade
slices morning

as canoe
cuts river's

peace glides in
with a ripple,


each stroke
a kaleidoscope
of hope

- Irene Latham


  1. Irene, I love, love, love "a kaleidoscope / of hope." I'm glad you wrote a pandemic poem.

  2. Things are opening up here, that 'kaleidoscope/of hope" feels real, Irene. I like the thought of the peaceful paddling, too!

  3. Irene, I'm going to share this poem with a friend who loves to kayak!

  4. I like the sense of measured movement and serenity I get when reading your words Irene. Your poem delivers a sense of intentional diversion in the water activity. The notion of peace gliding in gently is an essential part of that diversion. Sit, relax and move down stream- paraphrasing The Beatles...

  5. I love how you take us paddling metaphorically and literally with your poem. The last stanza with kaleidoscope is fun to say and to imagine.

  6. Irene, I like how you start your poem with strong verbs: slices and cuts. What follows is a peaceful practice: glide, ripple, dip, splash. The addition of the thought kaleidoscope of hope fills the space with a world of color opening up. This pandemic poem is so lovely because it offers the promise of a peaceful living.

  7. I especially love the way peace glides into your poem as it has glided into life, with a few ripples, but always moving us on with hope.

  8. I know! I think it takes the perspective of it being mostly in the past. I'm thinking pandemic references will start showing up in my own poems soon. This is lovely!

  9. "...a kaleidoscope of hope" Yes! I'm feeling it, too, Irene. :)

    I can relate to not being able/wanting to write much about the pandemic while I was in the eye of the storm. I often have to left thoughts settle before I can sift through them and write.

    Love the peaceful, hopeful beauty of this poem.

  10. I wish for the kaleidoscope of hope to inspire the whole world! And soon!

  11. Nice to have that "ripple" in there and your ending lifting us up, "a kaleidoscope
    of hope"
    Wishing you happy, lazy summer days by your backyard body of water! Thanks for the morning splash Irene.

  12. My goodness, the kaleidoscope of hope is a rich last line. I hope you are having a good summer with lots of writing. Thanks for this beautiful poem. Rear-view mirror writing of the pandemic makes perfect sense to me.


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