Friday, August 13, 2021

The Swing (poem)


moth sleeping on the
swim stuff at our dock

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Christie at Wondering and Wandering for Roundup.

It's been a busy week! School has started in these parts, and it's a bit of a shock to see that schoolbus twisting along these country roads. I've been reading A LOT. (Two recent middle grade faves: THE LAST WINDWITCH by Jennifer Adam and CECE RIOS AND THE DESERT OF SOULS by Kaela Rivera.) Whenever I get a chance, I've been watching recordings of the recent SCBWI conference—one of my favorite sessions so far was with Sophie Blackall, whose work is brilliant! I immediately reserved the picture books she referenced in her talk, and I'm kind of in love with LIFE ON MARS by Jon Agee. What a fabulous book.

In other news, I attended my first Master Gardener's class! I've wanted to do this course for years, but it's kind of a big commitment, and when do I have time for gardening? Well, y'all already know this: the time is now. 

I also got out the glue gun for a project this week, and also the upholstery stapler! OH. And I bought a sweet (blue) manual typewriter at a thrift store. I'm waiting on the ribbon to arrive, and then I look forward to playing around. 😊

Today's ArtSpeak: Four Seasons poem turned into something different than I was expecting.

The Swing

I swing,

summer dapples
the day.

As birdsong
voices stay.

My thoughts
are a bouquet
of come closer
and go away.

I'll make decisions
without delay.

But today
I swing,

- Irene Latham
Do you, too, ever have a problem with indecision??


  1. I can almost hear the background murmurs as this lady swings until she makes up her mind. Lovely, painting and very sweet poem to pair with it. "Swing, sway" is such a sound and motion to put together in this.

  2. As Linda said, I imagined the lady speaking to me. Victorian ladies are no different than today's women, like me, who love to relax in the garden. Indecision is my middle name. Thank you for allowing me a short time to relax with your newest poem, Irene.

  3. Indecision is my middle name! This poem is gorgeous, Irene. Light-lover that I am, I especially love "summer dapples/the day." Your typewriter is darling, and good for you for beginning the gardening class. I was inspired by Robin Wall Kimmerer to plant tomatoes from seed last spring. At the moment, I have exactly two green tomatoes the size of ping-pong balls! Maybe eventually my husband and I can each have a BLT!

  4. The indecision of what to do & how stays with me, Irene, that "swing sway" choice (of words in your poem) is just right. I love hearing about all you're doing, love Blackall's books, too & a class in master gardening - great stuff! I still have my old college typewriter & the girls & I have had lots of fun with it. Wishing you joy with your new "find"!

  5. Irene, what a potpourri of lovely poetry morsels here today. Thanks for telling about the books you've been reading. I can appreciate the swing, sway poem and her indecision. It is nice to not have to decide completely just yet. Someday, but not today. I like the rhyme scheme in your artspeak poem too.

  6. I love all your -ay rhymes here, they swing and sway. Indecision is my M.O. Luckily I don't have any decisions that really matter, like what to wear or what to eat. Love your sweet new/old typewriter.

  7. I am totally leaning into indecision and lack of planning right now. After decades of organization, it feel good (and weird) to go with the flow.

  8. Yes, indecision can paralyze me at times. I am getting better at those decisions that are subjective and have no right or wrong answer. Like the paint color for a room or what flower to choose for a garden. I also think I know myself better than I ever have, so I am more confident in speaking my mind and making a decision! Lastly, I became a master gardener in 2003-04. Last year was the first year I let my certification lapse. It is a wonderful program. Good for you for participating - I hope you enjoy it! Carol @ The Apples in My Orchard on WordPress.

  9. There is much to love in this post. The poem, this phrase: summer dapples the day. Getting a typewriter (I'm on the lookout) and a sleeping moth (there's a poem there)

  10. Your poem gave a new, lovely twist to this beautiful and familiar painting!

  11. The rhythm of the swing in the poem is lovely.

  12. You are busy with so many good things, Irene! "My thoughts are a bouquet /of come closer/ and go away" is a lovely metaphor. Enjoy your "new" typewriter. I wonder what it will be like to use it.

  13. Oh, love love love everything about this post! I’m with Jone on thinking there’s a poem asleep with that moth, yet to stretch its wings…. I saw Sophie Blackall’s presentation in real time at the conference, because I couldn’t wait! She’s magical. I’m smitten with your blue typewriter, and with your back-and-forth poem…. Ahhhh. I’ll remember it when decisions loom! xo

  14. This poem is wonderful! It has a sense of motion that pulls as back and forth with it as we read it.


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