Friday, October 1, 2021

What the Deer Sees (poem)

 Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Catherine at Reading to the Core for Roundup. I'm out adventuring this week, but I will be back next week to host!

Today's poem was inspired by the many recent deer sitings on our morning walks and early evening drives. So. Many. Deer! Including this little cutie, just hanging out in the ditch. 

Adorable, yes? So no wonder my heart went in this direction for this week's ArtSpeak: FOUR SEASONS poem. Thank you so much for reading.

What the Deer Sees

Three figures
so silent, so still—

not deer
not bear

barest breath
salting the breeze

not bird
not dog

tiny wisp
of some wild scent

not sweet
not frightening—

friends, so long
as they move

not one step

- Irene Latham


  1. Everything is good until that "so long as..." Beautiful painting and poem pairing. The whole composition looks like the cover art of a new book. Say hello to the deer!

  2. You channeled deer-thought perfectly. I walk astonishingly close to them in the early morning, and I'm sure this is exactly what they're thinking. We watch each other through the corners of our eyes, very careful not to startle.

  3. Hi Irene! Love the Gaugin colors in your art speak painting. We have lots of deer in Upstate NY, and I love how you get inside their heads as they try too figure out what it is they see, if it's moving "one step closer."

  4. I'm 'fawned' of your poem, Irene, a perfect mind-meld. :)

  5. Irene, what a sweet poem about what the deer sees. Yes, indeed,
    "friends, so long
    as they move

    not one step

    That sounds like the words of a deer, and maybe some of the ones who watched you that day. That little fawn is just precious.

  6. You caught that little deer, Irene. I can see why the deer influenced your writing. I have to comment from a human. Since I did not grow up with deer around me, I often think that I hope the deer I meet on a trail does not take one step closer. I guess it is because I am so worried about catching lyme disease.

  7. A lot of nature is like that - good as long as we keep our distance!

  8. A gorgeous pairing. I love "barest breath/salting the breeze" and the final cautious acceptance of the figures' presence, so long as they stick to the silent agreement. Lovely, Irene!

  9. I love how you took the deer's perspective here. I especially like, "tiny wisp/of some wild scent", reminding us that we're so often the interlopers. In all my wanderings, I try to be very careful about not taking that one step too close. Your fawn is delightful as is your poetry/art pairing.

  10. Such a cute deer that inspired your intriguing poem–and keeps us at a safe distance,
    "not one step
    closer" thanks Irene!

  11. Irene, I love that you imagined that darling fawn into Gauguin's painting, then gave her voice. Your short, succinct lines are perfect for the quick decision making going on in her head. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Last line - could NOT be more perfect. ;0) XO


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