Friday, December 3, 2021

An Anti-Autumn Poem

 Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Michelle Kogan for Roundup.

This week's 2-Minute Writing Tip is all about writers and social media/self-promotion. I had so much to share on the topic that I went over by 24 seconds. 😂

Over at Smack Dab in the Middle, I wrote about how, for writers, there's no such thing as the road not taken.

Reviews are coming in for AFRICAN TOWN, and this one's a ⭐ from School Library Connection!

"The voice of the characters is strong and... the journey itself is not to be missed."

and another ⭐ from Booklist. :)

"African Town is a compelling novel that doubles as an important historic document, invaluable for both classroom use and independent reading."

For this weeks Artspeak: FOUR SEASONS poem, I wanted to steer away from all the wonderful things about fall and instead write an ANTI-Autumn poem.

 It helped that I was feeling really frustrated about something tech-related, and I found this great piece of art in my "Fall" file. :) Thank you so much for reading.

Today I'm Feeling Autumn

I have no sunshine
to share with you—

only wind, wet,
and chill.

All my skies
are smocked
in shades of grey.

or don't.

I have no sunshine
to share with you today.

- Irene Latham


  1. We've all had days like that...Luckily, the one thing's that certain about the weather (so goes the old saying) is that it changes! Hoping for sunshine soon!

  2. As Mary Lee says, season changes. "Stay,/or don't" tells a lot.

  3. Hope the tech problem resolves itself–they can be a bother, and the weather breaks a bit… Come on Sun! Congrats on "African Town and the reviews!

  4. A brilliant description, I especially like the smocked sky. Thanks for this, Irene. And congrats on the excellent reviews. I know you deserve them.

  5. We've had several very anti-autumn, in my opinion, days here this week, and I am feeling this poem!
    I'm going to ask my library to buy African Town so I (& others here in town) can read it. Congrats on the reviews.

  6. Congratulations to you and Charles on AFRICAN TOWN--an important addition to materials available for re-teaching our history. I'm appreciating your 2-minute talks. Well done you for stepping fully outside your comfort zone! And thanks for the no-sunshine poem. We need those too.

  7. I have to tell you how much I am enjoying your 2 minute writing tip videos, Irene. Thank you! And congratulations to you and Charles on AFRICAN TOWN. And your poem literally could have been written about the weather in my area where we have not seen the sun for weeks - "only wind, wet, and chill."

  8. Irene, I think of you as always sunshine, so it's quite a reality check to read your poem today. Of course, you have grey days. It's only normal. I love how you used the word smocked. I used to smock dresses for my girls and have a strong attachment to the word. I need to tuck it into my lexicon for poetry. Thanks for inspiration, always. Your two-minute talks are just what I need. I feel like I am having a weekly chat with you.

  9. I think that the reality of gray days is appropriate for a fall poem. We all see the diminished sun and feel the effects of it. Thank you for sharing. On another note, I have been reading your list of red poems....they are interesting and spurred me to think of more red things in my life. I appreciate your website and all that you share. Thanks! ~Carol @ The Apples in My Orchard!

  10. Oh my! Love that "smocked in shades of grey." This feels so...bleak, and I know grey fall days can feel like that, too. I love it! And congrats on your star-looking forward to this book!


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