Friday, June 17, 2022

After Sorrow poem


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On the eighth day of kindness, I will give to you...

celebrating next Tuesday's release of THE TWELVE DAYS OF KINDNESS (Penguin Random House, illus. by Junghwa Park) with a series of kindness quotes. Enjoy!

Today's ArtSpeak: Animals features one of my favorites: horses! Thank you so much for reading.


after sorrow
comes a tower
of blue horses

they carry
one crescent
for each thing
you have lost

it's time,
they say
fill your belly
with stars

 - Irene Latham


  1. I come across your blog from time to time and am always satisfied with the time I spend here. I loved After Sorrow. "tower of blue horses" was my favorite line. I listened to then read basketball from your sidebar. My poem I Can't Skip that I wrote back in 1991 and that I shared on Poetry Friday has a similar feel to it. Speaking of sidebars, I added your excellent blog to mine today, so I don't have to accidentally find you anymore.

  2. Your poem carries that wonderful emotion of the painting beautifully, Irene. "fill your belly with stars" is something everyone needs to do! Looking forward to your book!

  3. "fill your belly with stars" = sigh, so beautiful. Love the painting too; reminds me of Mary Oliver's book Blue Horses. Thanks, too, for the Harjo quote! xo

  4. Twelve Days of Kindness sounds like one for next year's edition of the second-grade class I read to! Yay! Congrats on publication.

  5. Such a beautiful poem today Irene, I ❤️ the symbolism of the crescent moon and "fill your belly/with stars" And the horses I love too, they also grace the cover of a favorite book of mine by Mary Oliver, "Blue Horses." Thanks also for the beautiful Joy Harjo quote. Happy Tuesday Book Birthday!!! 🎉

  6. I see those stars! What a mysterious and yet satisfying poem...the purpose of the tower of blue horses is brief but essential. Thank you for bringing stars.

  7. First, congrats on the upcoming pub of the new book! Thanks for the Joy Harjo lines, too, paired beautifully with that Degas. The Tower of Blue Horses is arresting, as is the poem you created, a journey of loss and renewal. Lovely.

  8. Congratulations on your new book, Irene! I look forward to reading. Love these lines:
    "after sorrow
    comes a tower
    of blue horses"


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