Friday, August 19, 2022

Picasso Flamingo poem

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You know that feeling when you finally finish a big, consuming project, and experience the relief and euphoria of being DONE—only to find yourself floundering a bit, lost and confused, not knowing where to send your energy next?

That's been me this week. 

It's just weird to not have focus after being ultra-focused for several months. I've tried to be gentle with myself, reading a lot, letting whatever's next find me, instead of pressing so hard into the (writing)'s okay to take it easy sometimes. 

Perhaps it's these thoughts that influenced my latest effort in my ArtSpeak: Animals Picasso mini-series. Please meet Picasso's flamingo...thanks so much for reading!

flamingo poses

in shrinking summer puddle

rain dance

-Irene Latham


  1. A flamingo poem! Love it, Irene. I can picture kids filling in the puddle for Picasso's bird here.

  2. Your poems are always a joy, Irene! Love the flamingo.

  3. I'm happy to hear you're taking it a bit easy, an end-of-summer hiatus! I'm amazed at the pinkness of flamingos, love your response to Picasso, sleek and just right, a needed 'rain dance'!

  4. Ha! I love that Picasso "has" a flamingo...every artist should. But, a flamingo that does a rain dance in a puddle? FanTAStic!

  5. Irene, Picasso's flamingo might be one of my favorites of his line drawings. And your rain dance haiku does it justice. So sweet! I love the idea of "letting whatever's next find me." Yes, you deserve to do that after your big project.

  6. Hope the "rain dance" proves fruitful! I was painting with my students this morning in the fern room of the Garfield Park conservatory and my foot was precariously close to a good size puddle… Thanks, and enjoy gathering your breath.

  7. Irene, I read your post a few days ago and forgot to comment. The flamingo reminds me of summer and the mosaic gazing ball I bought for the patio. The stance of the flamingo reminds me of a yoga pose without a rain dance. Enjoy the rest of the summer and the thoughts you provided are inspirational.


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