Friday, December 2, 2022

Maple Tree Magic (poem)

 Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Catherine at Reading to the Core for Roundup.

Goodness, how can it be December?? And how can our middle son be turning 26 today?? Happy birthday, sweet Andrew! (PF Friends, Andrew was the biggest baby in the nursery that day -- 9 lbs,, 15 oz! -- and today he has the biggest heart of anyone I know! I'm so lucky to be his mom.❤️)

Today's ArtSpeak poem was inspired by this beauty in our front yard:

No wonder the following art caught my eye when I was cruising animal paintings at!

two birds disappear,
re-appear amid crimson stars—
maple’s fall magic

- Irene Latham

Just four more animal-art poems to write for this year's theme (though today's poem might be more of a tree-poem-with-birds than a bird-poem-with-tree!)...what should be my theme for next year? Thinking... 

Thanks so much for reading! 


  1. Oh, crimson stars! Yes, please. That sugar maple is tremendously sweet. Love it. I'm starting to say goodbye to Star these days. I've really had fun spending time on that one word this year. Thanks again for the inspiration...and the magic. Next year's theme? Can't wait.

  2. I thought of Linda when I read your "crimson stars", Irene, & now I see that she has found them! There are few maples here in Denver, apparently they do not like our climate very well. But those that are here are "stars" themselves. Everyone looks for them & shares where they live! Yours, then the art piece with your own words, beautiful!

  3. I love those "crimson stars", Irene. Your tree and your art-inspired poem are both gorgeous! I

  4. Sugar maples are definitely the stars of autumn's magic. Thanks for sharing your lovely poem.

  5. What a blessing to have a sugar maple in your yard for inspiration!

  6. I like the way your few words capture what happened to me--noticing and then losing the birds among the leaves! Your happy birthday middle son makes me think of art featuring...babies?

  7. What a lovely fall poem!

    I like Heidi's idea about art featuring babies. I was going to suggest the new Pantone color of the year, but you already did RED, so probably not a color again. What about smells? Or sounds?

  8. I do love "maple's fall magic." Best of luck on picking a word for next year. I love thinking about all of those things for the new year.

  9. Your gorgeous tree inspired a gorgeous poem, Irene! Those bright red maples are my favorite! Good luck finding your new theme. You will find magic in whatever you choose!


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