Friday, March 24, 2023

When All is Lost (poem)

 Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit radiant Rose at Imagine the Possibilities for Roundup.

This weekend I'm attending SCBWI Southern Breeze conference in Atlanta! Charles and I will be presenting a couple of sessions—on How to Write Books with Multiple Narrators and also on Collaboration (& how to keep a friendship through it all!), and I'm traveling with two long-time writing buddies. Yay!

Today's poem arrived after a few days of admiring this art (another from the daily art calendar gifted me by my eldest son!) when I heard myself say, "I feel lost." I was talking about my writing life, and not knowing where to put my energy. And then, just about as soon as I said it, a little twinkle lit up my brain—an idea, a direction, a calling. And so I wrote this poem to capture that moment. Thanks so much for reading!

When All is Lost

crumple your maps,
pocket your compass

allow yourself
to sink
into darkness

whatever river
you're sailing—

whether waves
are whipping
or still—

somewhere, a blink
a twinkle

               this way

- Irene Latham


  1. Irene, the artwork you chose for your poem is stunning. The poem is inspiring. I shall take your advice today as the sky is very gray-sink into darkness and no matter what is in my way move through life to find my way. Happy Weekend.

  2. I've had quite a few lost feelings lately, Irene. It's so counter-intuitive to let yourself sink in...but necessary, I think. Thanks for this lovely poem and art!

  3. Lovely. That little bit of light is all that's needed. Have a blast with the writers! I know you'll come away full of ideas and too many projects to work on.

  4. Love when a blink, a twinkle happens! Lovely.

  5. Wonderful!! Enjoy the conference this weekend!

  6. Ohhhh this is lovely. I'm bookmarking it. I think it's funny, because I used "that way" at the end of a poem draft a while ago, but in a completely different context and way. I LOVE how you use "this way" here... it feels like a whisper that beckons. Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Oh, Irene, enjoy that wonderful conference presenting and going to sessions with all your writing friends. I'm jealous. I love the way is shown to you with just "a blink / a twinkle" Hope you get really encouraged again at the conference!

  8. You have a special talent to just whisper to my senses with your words. (I know I was writing that comment before reading Sarah Grace's) I have a hard time allowing myself to sink in without direction. Too many drafts...

  9. Hope the conference and yours and Charles' sessions are fun and satisfying, too, Irene. The poem is lovely, like a peek at where to go, "this way" says it all.

  10. Oh, I miss my Southern Breeze peeps! I was hoping perhaps to sneak down, but not able with the move just done and, in pleasant surprises, my kiddos all here for the weekend to celebrate Seth's birthday. I'm sure you and Charles are wowing your attendees. Hugs & love to everyone there! And what a great poem - thanks.

  11. Thank goodness for the "blink" and the "twinkle" that guide us onward!

  12. I've been feeling a little bit lost lately too. Last week, I had some things come to me in weird times, and I just decided to take notes. Maybe they'll become something. Maybe not. I love your sounds: sink blink twinkle.

  13. Words I needed today. "Whatever river you're sailing..." Enjoy your conference, you two!

  14. Here's to those small, twinkling lights that help show us the way. :)

  15. Oh, that twinkle! May we all keep our eyes open and look toward it, however tiny the blink.

  16. Your blink and twinkle is a beacon for many of us. Thank you. :)


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