Friday, May 26, 2023

Cat's Life poem


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For this week's ArtSpeak: Light series, I've got a cat for you. 

Our cat Maggie has been all over us since we returned from our little getaway. It takes her a few days to give us all the love she banked up in our absence. So sweet!

One of the highlights of our trip was horseback riding on the beach. Once upon a time I was quite the horse-loving girl, and it still surprises me sometimes that my life veered away from horses. It makes the time I spend with them now extra-special! My horse was named Oscar, because he's kind of a grouch in the stall. But put him on the trail, and he's a happy guy! What fun.

Now we're back home for the official opening of Lake Season. I'm excited to get back in the water. What are you excited about today?

The cat in my poem is excited about something, too! Thanks so much for reading.

when from the kitchen

briny scent of tuna
begins to rise

the light
of a thousand flowers
blooms in Kitty's eyes

- Irene Latham


  1. tee hee. My cat, Ira, is sitting next to me. He's my writing cat. He loves to be near my fingers tapping away at the keys. I write to his purring. The beach ride looks wonderful--as well as the idea of a getaway. I'm excited to be home and getting into summer with some garden weeding and some organizing of my craft room and supplies. I love a good sorting project.

  2. When animals show excitement, I imagine they are smelling something we can only guess at, unless it's something you do know, like tuna! Love that "light. . . blooming" Irene. What a wonderful thing is riding and on the beach, too! Happy Summer!

  3. "the light of a thousand flowers" - beautiful.

  4. Horses on which beach, I wonder?! "Cat in a Sea of Flowers" makes me see them as fish swimming before Kitty's eyes--nice trick!


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