Friday, August 25, 2023

Writing Down a Dream poem

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Be sure to check out some wonderful poems by wonderful teachers over at Ethical ELA inspired by This Poem is a Nest. Beautiful and inspiring!

Also, have you heard about this latest course from James Crews and Danusha Lameris? Tending the Heart. I'm thinking about it! (There is also a 20% discount found here.)

Today's ArtSpeak: LIGHT poem is for those poets among us who like to daydream! Thanks so much for reading.

Writing Down a Dream

I dream in poems
like the light
of a gauzy morning
that still remembers
dappled night.

I skip the well-trod roads,
choose an untamed lane
that doubles back,
swerves left,
         scoots right—

All the while
my heart drops
for my brain.

- Irene Latham


  1. Oh, that ending! Thank goodness for our breadcrumb-dropping hearts!

  2. "dappled night" - sigh! Thank you for your dreamy poem, Irene.

  3. This is just beautiful - you had me at 'gauzy morning.'

  4. What a peaceful image you create! It reaches beyond the image in the painting you selected.

  5. I love that ending, too, Irene, and with the painting, it does look like dreaming. Lovely!

  6. Such a wonderful analogy. I hope ALL poets are daydreamers :>)

  7. Irene, what a joy-filled poem of day dreaming and nighttime dreaming. The breadcrumbs remind me of remembering something from night and jotting it down later. I have been writing nestlings all week after the Ethical ELA prompt! Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. That unexpected dappled night instead of night is fascinating...dream poems. Hmmmmm. Makes me hope I remember a dream soon.

  9. It is said we poets should begin and end strongly and you have certainly demonstrated that maxim in your poem, Irene. The ending is an absolute beauty!

  10. I swooned throughout the poem but the ending filled my heart with joy, Irene. The poem and artwork make a delightful pair.

  11. Love a windowpane that still remembers dappled night -- or that remembers anything! Big sigh...

  12. Your last stanza says it all. The way we keep and hold and remember. Beautiful


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