Friday, December 1, 2023

Ode to the Sun (poem)

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit amazing Anastasia at Small Poems for Roundup.

You guys: just 4 more Poetry Fridays in 2023! 

I've done something I don't usually do: I've mapped out the final 4 ArtSpeak: Light pieces. Maybe this will free up my mind to decide on what my 2024 theme will be?? We shall see. 

Meanwhile, here is my poem. It actually started out much longer, but I realized there wasn't much fresh about the first few lines, so I performed that sometimes-painful but often-refreshing revision strategy of "cut the front porch." 

So often our first lines are just us writing the things that will get us to the really juicy stuff...and the poem immediately benefits when you forgo the porch and swing open the door.

Thanks so much for reading.

Ode to the Sun

You do not shout
when clouds invade sky's valley,
you are steady
as they unsheathe their silver arrows.
Afterwards you are first
to fold us unto your arms,
your voice a choir of birdsong
and solace,
your fingers erasing every tear.

- Irene Latham


  1. Sage wisdom, Irene -of course. But can I just sit with "choir of birdsong and solace"? May be the definition of a peaceful day for me.

  2. Irene, that is such a winning idea--"cut the front porch" and get to the "juicy stuff." Good luck finding your next year's theme over the next four weeks! "first to fold us into your arms" is such a warm and lovely thought. Beautiful and unexpected sunshiny thoughts in your poem.

  3. oh, my goodness...this is so beautiful. 'Sun's valley' is such a fresh image.

  4. I have to second the beauty of "a choir of birdsong and solace." So lovely! I also finally got the opportunity to read "The Museum on the Moon." Phenomenal poetry, as always, Irene, and the research and non-fiction details complete the package. The icing is the gorgeous color palate of the artwork. Truly stunning work, Irene!

  5. Oh, those silver arrows unsheathed! Love this, Irene. I've been writing more free verse poems for adults, and they all feel too long. All of them. I'll have to destroy some porches :>D

  6. So calming and peaceful, Irene. And I love that revision reminder to "cut the front porch." Thank you.

  7. The steadiness of the sun is indeed a solace!

  8. So beautiful! Love your wisdom about cutting the front porch. :)

  9. I agree with Mary Lee, Irene, watch that 'steady' sun nearly all the day, especially early & late. Yes, four more! Happy weekend!

  10. I love thinking about the sun's voice! So beautiful.

  11. Mm. Mmmmm. "Forgo the porch and swing open the door," and the sun will withstand clouds' silver arrows... Irene, I'm sorry we didn't see each other at NCTE--I heard you had a cello recital--but of course you were there in all kinds of spirit! Don't miss the moon poems in WHISPERshout Magazine's current issue:

  12. Irene, you gave us a piece of wisdom to store in our writing journals. Fabulous lines for me to ponder:
    Afterwards you are first
    to fold us unto your arms,..
    your fingers erasing every tear
    Happy December!


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