Thursday, October 23, 2008


Many things to Michelle for allowing me to share this pic she calls "Hanging by a Thread." Oh boy, are there days I can SO relate to that! And I love how the leaf looks like a misshapen heart. The misshapen ones are the best ones, I'm thinking.

"I hold an old-fashioned notion that a happy marriage is the crown of a woman's life."

- Beatrix Potter

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  1. AWWWWWW! I feel so privileged to have made it onto your blog! WOW! Thanks girl. I agree.
    Misshapened hearts ARE the best. That means they given the most love! = ) Life seems to be hanging in the balance for alot of my friends lately. and me. Never know whats around the corner and it leaves us all feelin' like we are on our last leg. BUT somehow, like that leave we wither a little and some how bounce back each spring more resonatingly beautiful than ever.Well girl! I hope you are having a GREAT AUTUMN. God Bless and xoxo


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