Thursday, November 6, 2008


How cool is this? I told my brother I needed a pic of a hickory leaf, and this is what he did.

Don't you love the change of perspective? It's exactly what I do in the classroom with kids using the jeweler's loupe. Just try looking at things close-up, and your brain will start making all these unusual analogies... like, don't you see water here, and mountains, and a map? Sand dunes, maybe? Crop fields? Highways and neighborhoods? Talk about opening the mind and feeding your creativity.

"There is no better high than discovery."

- E. O. Wilson


  1. Cool, indeed. I really enjoy how you showed us a tree at a distance yesterday and an up close of a leaf today. It is a lovely metaphor for how we can take any experience and change it by getting closer to it or getting some distance. It would be an exercise to write about one experience from an up close angle and then to write the same story from a distance.

  2. I like the photo and what you said. I really enjoyed the comment above by one of your readers. GREAT metaphor. It is a great way to encourage us all to dig a little deeper and look a little closer ORRR vice versa.

  3. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

    And smart idea here. This looks like the indentations on skin, to me...

    Thank you for sharing this!


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