Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Have I told you about my weekend?

Talk about an other-worldly experience. It sort of reminded me of the movie American Beauty when the kid is filming the plastic bag dancing in the wind?

Truly, it was a beautiful weekend with the four of us women tucked away in a little chalet on the mountain ridge overlooking Lake Guntersville where we talked and laughed and scrapbooked and sewed and listened as the leaves hit the roof. Amazing.

So this is the lake as it can be seen from the top balcony of the Lodge, which is also home to Pinecrest Dining Room. Mmmmm.... garlic-tomato mussels, fried catfish, peach cobbler.... Which meant not only no kids, but NO COOKING. Need I say more?

And this is us: The Mother, The Original, The Great and The Boss. Sadly we were missing Number Two, but we made do.

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

- Albert Camus


  1. Autumn is my absolute favorite season. I always feel a bittersweet joy when the trees start to rain, it is so very lovely and yet it makes me sadly aware of Winters arrival.

  2. Great pics! Especially the last one with all your smiling faces! = ) I am sure Jenn #2 must have missed that. Sounds like to much fun.

    I love that first pic with the swirling leaves.

  3. Irene, this sounds so lovely. And that scene in American Beauty is one of my all-time favorite scenes from any movie, ever. Whenever I see something alight like that--leaves, bags, paper--that scene and all its beauty always comes to mind...


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