Thursday, January 29, 2009


So Kirie, whom I completely adore, over at 3 Little Chickies , tagged me for this fun little romp through the photo files. Instructions are to open your fourth folder, then post the fourth picture.

And what's this, you're asking? A snapshot of the first page of my youngest son's Diary. Er, Book of Secrets. Pretty adorable, huh? And I love that he journals. All HIM, let me tell you. He inspires me on a daily basis.

Now. To pass it along to four others:

Chelley Cat (an awesome photographer -- can't wait to see what she posts!)
Rachel (budding photographer and daughter of a most beautiful person also known as Four Angels Momma)
River Garden Studio (where I've been lurking lately because of all the amazing things this gal does with color and texture. Oh and she also has really excellent taste in music. Talk about inspiring!)
DysFUNctional Mom (Another secret hideout... her motto is "Just smile and nod." How can I not love that?!)

"Go and wake up your luck."

- Persian saying


  1. Thanks for your support, Irene! I always enjoy your poems and posts.

    I will certainly submit some poems...thanks for the suggestion!

    Your son's diary? Amazing!! Even better that it's called "Book of Secrets"!!!

  2. How absolutely precious is that journal entry?!?!? Your son is so expressive(just like his lovely mother)!

    I was just showing Angel Daughter Number Two(Rachel) your book and she was very impressed by your talent. I found something that I would like to send you and I know I have your address someplace, but if you could just shoot me an email with it, I know that I will get this out to you sooner.

    I hope that things are going well with you, sweet friend!


  3. I love this photo--and even more, I love that you take photos of his journal. It's a magical thing to see your child spin narratives of his or her own, become introspective, and realize the power of writing to/about oneself in a journal.

    It's not secret that you're a wonderful mom. Your boys must feel so loved and supported by you.


  4. Only with his permission of course. :) He still likes to share things with his mom... enjoying that while it lasts.

  5. Hey Irene! Love the journal pick! I will try to post my 4th file, 4th photo to my blog. Is that what I am supposed to do? Dumb question, I know but I wasn't sure where to post it...


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