Monday, August 31, 2009


So we watched Julie & Julia over the weekend, and it reminded me of how much I love to cook!

I have taken a number of cooking classes over the years, but you know, with the kids and their eating peculiarities it's easy to get in the chicken and mashed potatoes rut. Not to mention the time factor... I mean, don't we have to shuttle at least one kid someplace every night?

Well, no more excuses. I've decided to cook at least one meal a week that's not run-of-the-mill-throw-it-together. So last night I cooked the above glorious dish, chicken piccata. And yes, it was delicious. Also yes, it was just as much fun as I remembered to beat that chicken down to a quarter inch thick.

Did my kids eat it?

Two out three. Works for me...

“If you’re afraid of butter, just use cream.”

- Julia Child

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  1. If two out of three ate it, it was a definite success!


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