Tuesday, February 9, 2010


1. The kids. This group is from Underwood Elementary School, but they were all FABULOUS. The question each group asked that I wasn't expecting: what is your favorite book that you've written? Me: that's a little like asking your mama who's her favorite kid!

2. Media specialist Jerry Whitten and Principal Kevin Moore. Not only did they give me a big ol' welcome, but they also called in the media! If I'd known, I might have worn something different.... but, Brooke Frankel wrote a fabulous article anyhow.

3. Jennifer Butler Keeton from Florence-Lauderdale Library. What a gal! She escorted me to all my visits, hauled in stuff, video-d on demand, listened to me say the same stuff over and over and over.... and then today, after I'd been saying how much I wanted a blue coat, she sent me a link for the most perfect one ever! LOVE her!!

4. Media Specialist at Hibbett Middle School. It's kind of hard to wrangle kids at the end of a Friday afternoon, but this one pulled it off in grand style.

5. Media Specialist Holly Jolly from Riverside School, who not only hosted me, but also ran a Book Fair at the very same time!

6. Media Specialist Extraordinaire, Connie Sparks, from Brooks Elementary School. Oh my goodness, what a marvel this woman is! She was so enthusiastic, and the kids were SO excited... she even had faculty bring in family quilts for "The Quilts of Brooks Elementary!" And guess what? I interviewed a few of them for my Stitching Our Stories series! Well, Jennifer Butler Keeton helped. Did I mention how awesome she is? So, yeah, so much to look forward to!!

7. And last but by no means least: my Chair Filler and Writing Compatriots, Pat Weaver and Sheila Renfro, keeping me company at Books-a-Million. Wow. I can't even begin to express my gratitude. I need to write a whole new book. THANK YOU!!


  1. I'm an excellent chair filler... hhahaaha Irene went to bathroom and we couldn't leave her table unattended.

  2. I LOVE Florence, Alabama. I had an art show in their beautiful museum years ago. It is such an incredible town with a great sensibility for the arts.

    I'm loving reading about all of your wonderful visits!!


  3. The picture fo you in the gym at Riverhill school is my church gym. Do you remember that old church across the street? that's my church. glad you had fun in Florence! hope you come back!


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