Monday, February 8, 2010


I gotta say, after all the loveliness in Florence, I am most definitely feeling the love! And I am dying to tell you all about it.

But first, how would you like to win some great books and other cool stuff??

To enter, head on over to Class of 2k10 and give a shout-out to somebody YOU love.

And if you're driving down I-65 and see these shoes on the side of the road...

... I HAD to toss them because they did such horrible things to my feet! (Lesson learned: get a pair of cute slippers like Amazing Media Specialist from Brooks Elementary, Connie Sparks. And when doing school visits, comfortable shoes are way more important than cute ones.)

Be back tomorrow to share pics and other goodness from my trip. Meanwhile, here's a newspaper article about my visit.

And some new reviews to share: Back-to-Books , Mrs. V's Reviews , Maw Books, and News Observer.


  1. The newspaper article is great, Irene!

  2. you just missed the snow here. there is up to 5 inches at my house and 3 inches everywhere else!


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